Construction Setout

We have extensive experience in all types of construction set-out and from residential dwellings and high-rise apartments to civil work for subdivisions and roads, bridges, and railways.

We have been doing construction set-out for a very long and we understand the frustration and cost that goes with delays and poor quality set out. That cheapest quote you got might be OK, but you know it can also give you a lot of unnecessary headaches.

Kaymak Survey has been in the game long enough to know what you need and when you need it. We always do a check on our work before we leave site, and we have Quality Assurance Certification to ISO9001. You can rest assured that we check our work every step of the way and can always meet your time constraints. We can provide construction set out for everything from carports and cottages to roads, bridges, and gas processing plants. We have experience in high rise construction and civil work for subdivisions.

As constructed plans and drawings can be provided in any format required, including ADAC and BIM. We know these can affect plan sealing, on maintenance dates and final payments and retentions, so we prepare these documents progressively during the project lifetime. Do not be let down by delays with your as-constructed documentation.

For all work big and small, get in touch today for a free quote.