Detail Survey

Are you taking the risk of investing in inferior Detail and Contour Surveys? The consequences of poor quality may have severe implications on your development if features are missed or levels and service locations are incorrect.

Here at Kaymak Survey we have extensive experience in Detail and Contour Surveys for all manner of development sizes, from 2 to 33 lot subdivisions.

The first important step in property development is a Site Analysis and Detail and Contour Survey. These are crucial for your due diligence. Our Detail and Contour Surveys are an integral part of preparing an application to council. Our survey will demonstrate to council how you intend to develop the land.

We provide critical information such as site dimension and area. Lots can vary in age from historical through to more recent. It is important for a Cadastral Surveyor to supply a complete Detail and Contour Survey.

We provide heights and contours to Australian Height Datum. We locate significant trees, vegetation, above ground improvements including buildings, retaining walls, pools and fences as well as driveways, kerbs and footpaths.

We undertake council search and accurate sub-surface locations if requested. We complement/confirm this by on ground survey, locating evidence such as pit lids, power poles and inspection openings.

When boundary pegs are gone, we can perform a preliminary investigation of any survey marks or fencing and advise if we consider further investigation of the boundaries is required. This is often dependant on the type of development you are planning.

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