Boundary Marking

Only a suitably qualified surveyor will have the legal right to define and mark your property boundaries, and the insurance coverage if a mistake is made. If you use a surveyor that is not qualified, then you will run the risk of encroaching on neighbouring properties when you develop the land.

Kaymak Survey will define and mark your land boundaries for you. When your boundaries are marked by us you can rest assured that the job has been done correctly and in accordance with the law. Our boundary surveys can serve many purposes from simply allowing you to install a fence to building on the land within required setbacks to subdividing your land.

In Queensland, an Identification Survey is required whenever property boundaries are marked, and this is then submitted to the State Government for permanent and public record. If you are developing your land on or near your property boundaries, then a boundary survey is an important first step. Not only do we mark your property boundaries and confirm that the title dimensions are available, but we can also identify if there are any encroachments by or upon your land.

You need a Boundary Survey for:

  • Subdivision
  • Fencing
  • New housing
  • Carports and sheds
  • Driveways
  • Pools
  • Retaining Walls

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