Form 16

You have engaged a private certifier, a builder, and now you are ready to start the new build. But no-one told you about the Form 16 until project completion? The problem is that now the pool/carport/house is built, and you can only hope that everything is in order.

This is a familiar scenario, and we hear it often, you are not alone. We can get to your site and assess the extents of the new construction and their setbacks from the boundaries. We will let you know if they comply with your approval.

We can provide you with a Form 16 in accordance with your certifier’s requirements. They are used to confirm that the development you have undertaken has been done in accordance with the boundary setbacks required under the conditions of your approval.

A Form 16 will generally be required for new buildings and renovations. The Form 16 should involve marking the property boundaries before any work is done to provide you with the confidence of knowing that you will not have problems later on.

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